Meet Megan!

I have always had a love for photography for as long as I can remember. "Besides taking photos of everything and anything with my digital and…wait for it…disposable cameras as a youngster", I believe this love really sparked as I began to travel in my twenties. I spent a lot of time taking photos to remember the incredible places I’ve been, and friends I knew and those that I had just met. Landscape photos were initially my primary interest until I began to accidentally capture candid, natural emotions of humans in my photos. Then I was hooked. That’s exactly why you won’t see a huge amount of “staged” or “posed” photos among my work. I want my clients to see how beautiful they are, naturally.

I’m so grateful that you’ve taken a few moments to learn a little more about what makes me, me. I’ve been married to my wonderful, hardworking husband for nearly five years. We have a sweet little boy J, that is the center of my whole world. I grew up in the city and before meeting my husband, I always imagined myself living downtown somewhere in a cute little “Sarah Jessica Parker” apartment, Walking to work and to the local market every day. Boy was I wrong. So completely wrong and I couldn’t be happier that I was. My husband has introduced me to a slower, more appreciable way of life as he is a fifth generation farmer. And that’s why I like to call myself a farmer in training.

I had a hard time with postpartum depression after my son was born. That is where this incredible photography journey comes in. I needed something (besides my baby) to bring me joy. Because of the depression I was lacking my creative, imaginative side and when I started to feel better I craved to get that back. So that’s exactly what I did.