Graduation is such an exciting milestone in a person’s life. In a way, when you graduate from high school, it’s like a right of passage into adulthood. For some it is very exciting as you look ahead and prepare for the trip you’ve been planning, the university or college you’ll be attending, or starting a full-time job. For others, this can all be very intimidating, especially if the path forward isn’t quite so clear. Regardless of what the next steps look like, documenting such an impressive milestone through photography will make for an awesome memory in the years to come.

Grad shoots can include just the grad, grad and close family, or you can get the whole crew together for a super fun friend shoot. Whichever you choose, if possible, I recommend getting all dolled up a few days or weeks before or after the big day and having your photos taken then. This way your actual grad day is not super rushed, and you have an excuse to wear your suit or gown more than once! If the day of grad is the best time for you, no sweat, we can make that work too!

So, you've decided to book the shoot. You've arranged who you want to be there. You've already got your outfit. All that's left to do is pick a spot and pop some champagne!

$575 + GST