First off I’d like to say, when it comes to family sessions you cannot sweat the small stuff. It’s probably going to be a little chaotic. The kids are probably not going to listen 100% of the time. But, I promise you, the more natural interaction we encourage, the better the photos will turn out. And, the more fun we are going to have!

Now that you’ve booked - what’s next?

  • 1) Who - who is going to be at the shoot? Immediate family, pets, grandparents
  • 2) What - what are we going to be doing? This means it's important for us to choose an activity for part of the shoot. Are you big sports people? Wanna bake cookies? Have a fire on the beach? The options are endless. I also encourage kids to bring a favorite toy or hobby, such as a dinky car, doll or skateboard.
  • 2 a) What - what should we wear? Casual and comfortable are my two biggest clothing suggestions. If you’re not comfortable it’s going to show. Light colors work best. Pick a color scheme and plan around that. Now, that doesn’t mean everyone in matching blue jeans and white shirts. Picture this: dad’s in khakis and a tan/grey shirt, mom is in a flowy white dress, little sis is in a light blue/white polkadot babydoll and big brother is in jeans and a solid blue shirt. *chefs kiss* Things to avoid: large logos, big prints, and the colour back.

    3) Where - do you have a special location in mind? Typical places for family sessions include: in and outside your home, a field, a farm, a river, the lake, etc. If you need help picking out the perfect spot, I’ve got you!

    Great! Now we’ve got that all sorted! Next thing: day of the session! I will suggest that you all come watered and fed. However, it’s always good to have a few snacks on hand for back up. Nothing that will leave faces and clothes messy though! Smarties are also great for bribing :) We’ve got the perfect group of people, an awesome location, snazzy outfits, a fun activity - now all that’s left to do is relax and have some fun. Can’t wait for our shoot!