I want you to feel as beautiful as you look

Boudoir sessions hold a special place in my heart. I can’t think of any thing more confidence boosting. Whether this shoot is for you, or for someone special, I promise it’s always worth it.

The session starts at a location of your choice. Most common spots for a boudoir session can be at our studio, your home, or somewhere outdoors that is isolated for your comfort. I love sunset boudoir sessions that take place at the lake. During this time of day, I have found that many lake-goers have already headed home and we have our own little private spot.

Personally, my favourite outfit is the nude, but I know that that’s not for everyone. My sessions always start with you in a casual outfit. I take some photos essentially the way you arrived to help you warm up to the camera. Slowly, and as we become more comfortable, I will have you start to undress. Eventually, that will likely leave you in some gorgeous lingerie or nothing at all. The sky is the limit here. Whatever you want to wear is perfect. I do also love the Calvin Klein matching sets so if stringy lingerie isn’t your thing don’t feel pressure to wear it. Remember, these photos are sexy but they’re also taken in a way that I will never leave you feeling overexposed or uncomfortable.


So, we’ve decided where we’re going to shoot and what you’re going to wear. Here’s a few more tips to make the day perfect:

-I recommend loose curls for hair as this leaves us the option to play with your hair in the photos.

-If you’d like some suggestions for local hair and/or make-up artists I’m happy to help you with that!

-Skip the dark spray tan. Yes, this is absolutely beautiful in person, but it can sometimes make for tricky editing.


-stretch before your shoot! I know this sounds funny but you’ll thank me :)

-Photos will be taken with shoes and socks off (obviously), so here’s your permission to go for that mani/pedi.

-most of all, lets have some fun! I’ll pump the tunes and encourage dancing!