We all know babies and due dates are not predictable. But, if you’ve ever thought about having your experience documented, you definitely need to do it. As a mother of two, I wish more than anything that I would have had those moments documented - especially my home birth. Because there’s not real guarantee of knowing when babe will make their appearance, there’s a couple different ways that we can do this


With this option, you will give me your due date and I will block off 3 consecutive days for you. In the event you go into labour outside those 3 days, and I am unavailable, one of my 3 partners will be aware of your due date and MAY be able to attend the birth, however this is NOT guaranteed

$775 + $100/day of being on call

This option includes 3 days blocked off at your due date + the option for you to hire me to be on call and ready to roll when it’s go-time!